SMA Teladan Yogyakarta,here i am..

Yeah,,,here i am....
with new friends,new home,and lots of new things...i hope i can adapt well...
ouwh,Tegal..miss youuu =(
i miss my family,my home,my bestie n my friends, my lovely pinky room..miss them all T.T
but it's my choice, i must be strong here =) (keep spirit!!!)
you know what? maybe here i'm the most 'gaptek and kupergirl' (Astaghfirullahalazim..)
yeah, yogya is so modern, different with Tegal..i really hope i'll have lots of friends here and be as smart as them =) (Amiiiiiin)
I wanna be a true teladan here, study hard and continue my college in Paris (Amiiin..Amiin..Ya Rabbal AlAmin..)
Everyone,pliiiz help me,i need ur pray..
i need ur advise..
and i need ur support...
Merci bien for those who give all of them..
=>fani my cutest bestie, how are you in semarang?
=>tia,my bestie,how r u in tegal? hope u won't be worse..
=>dias,where did u continue ur study bestie?
=>rahayu,can u study french well? he..he.. =D
=>devi,the most diligent one,what's ur opinion about sma3???
sorry can'y reply all of ur message..
missss uuuuuuuuuu ^_^

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